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Welcome to Sturmgeweiht!
Who is not familiar with it? You are listening to sounds of a divine piece of music and suddenly you wonder: “Ermmm, what the hell are they singing?” Then you turn on your computer, provided that you are not in lack of time, and in search of the lyrics you get to know thousands and thousands of websites but success stays away.

This project arose out of these experiences. Its purpose is to allocate a selection of lyrics from more or less known bands devoting themselves to a kind of dark and gloomy music (EBM, Neofolk, Industrial, New Wave, Gothic – whatever).

We would be pleased with getting new lyrics from you. It would not only accelerate the process of enlargement it is also helpful for getting to know lyrics from less known bands.

Sturmgeweiht can of course not guarantee that all lyrics ever recorded by a band are listed. But we work on it ;-) …

Currently this site offers 17877 lyrics from 2072 albums from 403 bands.

Thanks to kisa, raspunicum and cind. mortek