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Colors of Heaven

Look at the sky
and see the colors of heaven
Then ask why
reality is like a raven

Clouds are sheeps in liberty
Deep blue sky, red colored sun.
Black is the magic of the night.
Stars are shining bright.

See the colors of heaven
notice them all!
remember the colors of heaven,
when you are fall.

You can´t have on´s head in the clouds.
He is farr off all morality.
So that you only see the sky.
Touching - no possibility.

Der Morgen - Anfang eines neuen Tags.
Vergangenheit liegt nun zurück
Schau nach vor und laß dich führn von den Farben,
den Farben, den Farben des Himmels!

Schau nach vor und laß dich führen....
(by the colors of heaven)

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