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American bitch

Capital punishment-
Overcrowded prisons.
Thousands of churches -
No time during footballseasons.
Driving a car
At the age of 16.
But no drink -
They adore JAMES DEAN
But fat girls and boys.
Seeking sensation -
Bying war toys.
Great commandment -
Shit weapon law.
Littleton -
Stick to the truth like before.
No kisses in school -
High birthrate.
Rescue the world -
Its not to late.
But Hollywood.
They are so blind-
Does´nt see the wood.
Trail of tears -
Save the human race.
Dosser dies of stavation -
Flying to space.

No time for loser
No time for liberty.
Think about it,
Is like a stitch
This is American bitch!!

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