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Purple Nightshades

She stood by the window
And watched life pass by
All those fading colours
All the wasted tries

Life is a wheel
Always moving on
Searching her paradise
She saw the place inside

I'm leaving
I will take that final step
I'm never looking back no more

Don't look for me
I'm reaching for the stars
They do not seem so far anymore

Wow all those pretty colours
This green glittering light
I hear far away voices
Old friends wave me inside
The air it smells so sweet
It melts my frozen heart
I walk through poppy gardens
I know my choice was right

I'm leaving...

And when he read her note
That she had gone
He knew that also he had to move on
Life is a circle
Where do we come from?
He took the long dark road him too
And dreamt in colours blue

I'm leaving...

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