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Spiral (Don't Fall)

So I am lost
And I am found
With contradictions
I can't resolve
So many paths
So many doorways to the truth
And when I dream
I know her face
But the mist obscures my way
Reaching out to wipe these tearful eyes
once more

And here we go
Around and around
A bitter struggle plays out beneath my smile
And here we go
Around and around
don't fall, don't fall for me

And with this sword
A raging fire
Carried by my soul's desire
And visions of a world
Inscribed to breathe

I do not feel
tell me what's wrong with me

A dream of silver swans
Lying in the dark
Lost in separation
They follow me home
A dream of silver swans
Swimming in my mind
Filled with isolation
They follow me home

And when we touch
The shadows flee
With clues submerged in mystery
The physics of this second sight
Has lead me here

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