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The following day, Jesus called upon the followers he loved most:
And he called unto Cephas, the rock, and the two sons of Zebedee, James and John.
And last of all he called unto Judas the zealot, called Iscariot.
And unto them he spoke: «Brothers, follow me to Irem, the city of a thousand pillars».
The four companions were amazed, they had never heard of such city.
Cephas thus spoke: «Rabbi what is this city you speak of for I have never heard the name».
Jesus remained silent, but Judas spoke:
«Cephas the rock, why question thou the word of your rabbi? Be silent and follow».
The group headed for the desert, Jesus leading the way.
On sunset, after seven days of travel, they arrived at the remote city of a thousand pillars.
«Look at these pillars, who the first Sons of Man built» said Jesus,
«They are here after 3900 years.
They are true, they stand in pride, they were built with the love and will
of the first Sons of Man and the Spirit dwells here:
In Truth you must be like these columns.
»Again the followers of the Master remained silent in ignorance.
Thus Jesus spoke, while anointing his followers’ forehead with water:
«In truth my father Joseph, and his father Heli have chosen the Dove as their symbol,
and after my death, there will come men who will nestle the dove in my heart too.
Believe them not, for the words of false followers are not the words of your Rabbi.
I speak words of Truth, and by my Truth you will know the Spirit,
and you will learn of the columns that hold your soul upright and kindle the spark of the Spirit within you.
And these columns will be known as Pride, Love and Will.
And you will know that sometimes the Lion of Pride must devour the Lamb of forgiveness.
By doing this you will conquer Truth, the fiery Spirit of God.
But Truth is not for all, for not all can withstand the light it bears.
And many will say to know Truth and it’s blessings though forgiveness and meekness.
But the meek will never see the fire of Spirit, while the Lion will forever bask in It’s glory.
Heed these words.
»And Cephas wept, for the death of the dove meant bloodshead.
Judas arose and thus spoke:
“ Rabbi, you truly are the son of David.
Follow me, and the nations of the world will be yours”.
At sunrise, the group took leave from Irem, the city of thousand pillars, the city of wisdom.

From the Gospel according to Elijah the Essene 12:24

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