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So many holes in my head
The world rushes in
Scanning for signals
before all the noise
Gets under my skin
It's only a weakness
to be looking for traces
A connection to everyone

Give me an iron lung to brace me for strangers
and keep me away from faraway places
show me the signs 'cause I'm looking for traces
and show me the human behind other faces

In the illusion of distance
mistaken for coldness
I can't explain
in the garden of silence
I'm hoping to listen
to your whispering
You give me hope for the future
show me traces of life
In this old crumbling shell

I'm looking for traces
Something to hold in my hand
I'm looking for traces
Somebody somewhere forgotten
I'm looking for traces
Something to fill in the gap
I'm looking for traces
Something that no-one can take away

lyrics 1999 by Robert Rich

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