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Moon (I named her moon and she was dead)

My queen of this side shakes off the dust of her nature
Although she knows the fisher of man
it's mean
Oh queen of south
superficial play of a shallow
Deeper and stronger below defects of our time
Immortals are warned since generations
Joy and pleasure - we've been able to leave it behind

So long, So long.

Farewell celebrations are over.
An evil man brings forth his ideas

So long.
So long. That feeling of decay lost its meaning
And sex can't make me love you again
Those overtaken finally break free
Tell I name her moon
Tell I name her moon
Say I do. Name her moon
Say I call her moon

Call her moon
She ... She's dead

1989 Fun Factory! Musikverlag
Music & Words: Marcus Giltjes / Mic Jogwer

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