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The First

Bound to madness the cave of time
A nervous restless will to die
Runnung away from great world's call
I've been caged by an inside wall, inside wall

Sold myself to hypocritical ideals
Sold myself to great God currency
People say that is what's to do
I know it's death and death shines from you, from you

The sun will darken and blackness will fall
Peace to your ashes taking blame for it all
Sinking deeper into the cave of time
A change is coming a change is coming and I am the first to go

Moments of anger, the hell of despair
Memorys of age, understanding fair
Dead wise men, the enemies of truth
Knowledge is made, to kill our youth
And we are the first to go

I'm killing your lies

1988 Fun Factory! Musikverlag
Music & Words: Mic Jogwer

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