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A high and lonely place

One by one the colours pale
We wait and wither in the heart of October
And time runs out - if only I could hold on!
For you I'd try to for you I'd die tonight
Clutching at my memories of yesterday, when everything came easy
When I could have walked away - Or would it feel the same?

Would it have made a difference?
Biting her fingernails - it's all in the blood -
The symptoms are obvious
But the cause, but the cause is not
The shouting at the walls, the howling and moaning
It's over - since morning broke
She's been suffering in silence in her neverland

In her high and lonely place, in her high and lonely place...

Can you hear my blessings now, in your High And Lonely Place?
Can you feel now, in your High And Lonely Place?
I read the lines again and again, searching for an answer
Every time I try, I sink a little deeper - Well, in a way I'll keep you here....
She slit her wrists tonight
She crossed the cold, cold river

She chose a high And lonely place, a high and lonely place

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