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Vaginismus (scrotch kick mix)

a siren of light bleaking out,
and now it’s time to pull away,
into the ocean, into the sea,
we always look on tv,

no one lives this last day, of generation x,
for living now is the sin of all time,
the sin of all time!
this is where it breaks down,

and now the time is seeping through,
into the back of front of you,
now is the end of the world,
and then they tie you up, into a knot,

into a cloud, well into the ground,
where satan lives,
to bring all you kids up in a world where nothings down,
come into a freaky show, they push you,

into the death now,
we're in the death wish,
we're in the death wish,
in the death wish,
where it crawls into the walls,
through a death wish
where it crawls through the walls,

let go, this, now far, no fun with a hole,
into the death wish,
death wish,
death wish...

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