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The Dead (Death Wish Mix)

twisted up inside knotted to the core learned to abhor the twisted faces staring back at me latching on to me holding on to me you never let go rich was the earth that filled the rivers with blood blood over the new vision put forth by the state copulate reverberater torn apart and bleeding on the inside out life for you is a broken dream and i'll spout it out your sick dream has come to me now for the end we'll always pretend yeah where do you go what do you want it's nothing at all feel the machines implanted in your thoughts mangled nervs twist and turn form new paths in your brain pull out all the wires and push them into your heart yeah push it into your heart yeah push it into your heart restart the core is turned on obliteration will start in 20 seconds 1 2 3 4 torn apart and bursting from the inside out crime for you is a shattered dream so shoot it out your sick life has come to me your life ends you'll never cry or breath again

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