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Want Disease

burning all people infiltrated. hurting now, i cant see anything to hold it, push it, push it away, another brain, but only today, ahnile looks on the title, its on, only on the table, on the table. you lie. hey, bleed now, which your understanding, my conviction never turning back and forth, only on the existentialism, would you understand if i was only for your head, i cant see you anyway, the want disease. no, wish i could belong, wish i could belong, wish i could be wrong. right for. wish i could belong, could be wrong, could belong, could be wrong. hit her into taste. i... guilt. wish i could be sorry, sorrows glisten in your eyes, i wish i could wrong swirling in the cruel for you. hey... no, now, hate, debate, time, my time, mine, take. FIGHT. my time, i wish, do what you want to do, but stay away or i'm gunna kill you, all these times, i cant decide its ugly on the other side, side, side, side.

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