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The Gate of Tears

As we walked together
Through the Gate of tears
You try to turn away
Hoping that you find
Some place to hind
Or getting back again

But I told you not to look behind
Because you haven't got
The strength to get the line again
And you see me walking there alone on a
Path away from you
But I know that I have
Found my faith to get
Into the gloom

So I left you there behind
And stepped forward on my way
Hoping that you realize to
Follow me one day
And you cried so many tears
Because you didn't feel my light
And you have to understand
That there is something there outside

So I reached my destination
Without crying for your soul
And I'm happy to regret
Your calls to change may mind at all

Now I dance with the angels
In a circle round and round
And I look down to you calling
“Look what I have found!”
But you deny the visions
Which I always send for years
You keep further wandering
Try'n' to find the Gate of tears.

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