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Destiny Falling

Do you remember
As you once wlked insane
There right out of the door?
You cried and screamed
For what you've lost
'Cause of your vanity

You thought you
Find your own way
But you've only found the rest of
Feelings which never existed at all
When you took hold of me

Would you like to have some fun or
Would you like to jump off a building
I think it's just too late
To rescue now because
I have a feeling that tells me
That I'm gone far away your
Destiny Falling
That tells me that I've done fullfilled
Your destiny falling

So I wait for the news tonight
At home with a glass of wine
And it looks just like your blood
There on the TV-screen
I take another sip an wish that
You will make it better
In the next life we can meet again
when you found your own line back again

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