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Armed And Ready


Surface probe
Scanning for
Life signs
All either dead
Or praying for
the next impact
Couldn't rise
Past all these
Sworn perimeters
And besides,
All their wars
Were just cheap breeding contests

And unearthed
Their ripped jaws still screamed:


Awoke to find the sky below a swollen ground as it all lifted up
I heard no voices in this storm and even as they overburned,
I've never felt more alive

They built me well against this dawn until
They led me through their righteous armored gears
And as they grinded on, I realized that I've swallowed whole
The corpse of my belief

Yet still...

I am all armed and ready
My faith is all strapped
The blood runs colder
The days drain past
I go on
I'm ready for war


Raised flags and all the pride you spit
Will never make an impact

I'm still all armed and ready
This mind is all torn
They ripped this faith off, they'll have it ready to blow
I'll go on
They're still praying for war


So let them
Praise their swarms
And worship their every
While they
Grind their wars
And sell them to every last

They have bred
Beyond all hope
Of a resolve
Let their jaws
Rip into their last

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