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I Found A Shadow

I found a shadow in the sand, all dark and wet and beautiful
I drew some circles into it and spoke the words of night and ocean
some words of Ataraxia, some words might be like Jesus
and all I did was sitting there with the nightbreath on my back...
I found a shadow in the sand, I saw that it was mine
I'm like the stone- kissed, singing wind, I'm waiting for a sign!
of you and me and falling rain three memories ago..
So.. who will care and give a damn for me now??
Will I understand sometime and keep my ship afloat,
or will my head explode ten thousand miles away from heartland?
So I'm counting years...drawing circles....
Running for gold, running for flesh, running for money, running for
Turning wheel...what's your way....lay me down...to myself.....
Complete my circle!!!

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