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Using Drugs

Peacefully fall into silence
On the floor where everything's
Like yesterday, like nowhere day
My day my day is my way
Through weeks and years and hours
To nowhere day to "fly away"
Eternity lies broken on the carpet.
Sleeping walls are whispering poems
TV's shouting "Love me, watch me,
Watch your time run by!
The outside world is just a try
For someone that you'll never know!"
Using drugs like melodies
One-way ticket universe
And Amadeus plays the flute for me
I don't know where to go my dear
Even staying seems too far!
My hair is growing to the floor, the sea,
The memory (to me)
Having sex in circles
And death is just a one-night stand
Who's waving at the door.
So many doors to choose!
And I choose. And I walk. And I
Fear, and I laugh, and I dance, and
I scream. Are dreams real?
Are my dreams real?

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