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Rolling The Ball

We are busy rolling stones up and down the hills
in a place where nothing changes
nothing really changes
and where the sun is just a ball rolling up and rolling down the stones of our hills
where nothing really matters.
And our eyes, our breath just up and down we walk around
and every wall we're turning to is a picture of ourselves ...
We sow the bitter seeds of hope and watch them grow down underground.
Our dream begins and ends in mindless wasted seconds.
No sound for ears that never hear,
we find,
we loose,
we choose our dreams
but never sleep,
we'll never rest in peace.
It all repeats, returns and laughs.
We rise and fall and fall and rise.
It's all and nothing in our hands,
it's all and nothing we can see.
We never shall be free, we do it all again.
In this place.

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