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One in all and all in one, which is naught

Look deep into each other’s eyes
Breathe in,
Feel cosmic energy flow down into you
Breathe out,
Let chtonic energy creep up into you
Inhale the sweet scent of your lover’s skin
Reach out, caress its warm softness
Embrace and unite
Let the spirit rise and let your energies entwine

We call upon the holy couple
God and Goddess come down

We call HER as TIAMAT (SHE is the bitter water)
We call HIM as APSU (HE is the sweet water)
We call HER as OSHUN (SHE is the ecstatic lover)
We call HIM as SHANGO (HE is thunder and lightning)
We call HER as THEMIS (SHE is the natural order)
We call HIM as ZEUS (HE is the keeper of order)
We call HER as SEKMET (SHE is the lioness)
We call HIM as RA (HE is the sun)
We call HER as CERIDWEN (SHE is the keeper of the cauldron)
We call HIM as TANARUS (HE rolls the thundering wheel over the sky)
We call HER as KALI (SHE is the dark mother)
We call HIM as SHIVA (HE is the destroyer)
We call HER as INANNA (SHE is the deliverer)
We call HIM as DAMUZI (HE is the sacrifice)
We call HER as NEITH (SHE is everything that was, is and will be)
We call HIM as ANUBIS (HE is the leader of the souls)
We call HER as BRIGHID (SHE is the mother of humankind)
We call HIM as TEUTATES (HE is lord of the tribes)
We call HER as KUAN-YIN (SHE is the golden vessel)
We call HIM as SHANG-TE (HE is the one who lives in HER)

music by L. del Cid, L.P. Nigiani
lyrics by L.P. Nigiani

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