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Invocation of my Demon Sister

Daughter of Crom, your wicked mind is cruel
Your wicked spirit is calm, You are dead
Sister of silence, your innocence is lying
Your sorrow is hiding the truth which is lust
You spread fear where love is – hate against trust
Everyone who sees, is dying with an insane mind
Child of evil, still you’re able to smile so seductively
… and our laugh.

Daughter of Crom, you fight with your occult weapons
Queen of the “war from the heart”, you serve no-one but yourself
Who desires will go by by fire
Even the cold do crumble like stones
Even the knowing loose their brain
Even the children are left in the rain
Even the wise are lost in a ritual of endless time

Play your wicked play to please your father
Let’s go kill one another
… Of wilderness and chaos
Fury is not mild when it’s strange.

(I am alone, there is no God where I am)

music by L. del Cid
lyrics by L. del Cid

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