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My Friend Who Doesn't Exist

i am a Mirror so take a Look…
how many Scars were Left on You ?
after your Father, Mother, your first Love
how many Times did you Cut Yourself ?

i was Killed a long time ago
i wandered (just my Body)
my bare feet Walking in the Dew
i wandered to Reach the End, this Place

none of those things Gave me Pain
they could not Touch Me, could not Breathe
inside me could not Live
inside me had no Reason to Be

i was Killed a long time ago…

and I commanded God who doesn't exist
to Kneel Down and Listen to Cries
he Died inside me like Everything else
as the Misery which is Myself

he'll Stay Dead in this Grave with me

i was Killed a long time ago…
full of Scars, Dead now
i can't Remember anything more
my Friend who doesn't exist
my Friend who doesn't exist…

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