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Seven Seas

I try to reach you through this fog of ancient fear.
And I`ll return to you one day again, my dear.

I made this journey over seven seas for you.
Now I found the place and now, I found the truth.

This is the last step to my illumination now,
so long just waiting, searching,
hoping and finding the way how.
On the water in this realm I see your face...
A revelation`s done, right moment, right place.

Once in a lifetime your dream is your destiny`s way.
And here on the water...
this water, forever you`ll stay.

Dark waters now await my branded soul,
so much done to reach this deep dark hole.

The execution of all gains in my life before,
is now, is then, and will be finally forevermore.
No more waiting, searching, hoping, and finding how,
as I`ve been told, I will reach your kingdom now.

Now I invite you to come to my kingdom with me,
no fortelling futures, through the eyes of the world you will see...

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