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Into the Abyss

In the middle or nowhere
A tarnished soul
That can’t find away
To escape from there
A virtual prision
An isolated place
Yearning that
Divine providence
Leaves a hopeful trace…to follow

without knowingwhat to think
a spirit left
to the negligence / just about to sink
a missing reason
like going astray
in need of a strengh
able to defeat
this awful dismay…this sorrow

So many times
So many tries
To discover why
This life
Is horryring
Like a death-ride
Where by
The abyss or the mind
Is a constant strife
In the deepest of the dark side
The abyss or the mind…in the deepest of the dark side

a perplexed look gone blind
is better than watchingthere’s
so much harm to find
a change of reason
something that can lay
a little raith on
the last chance of life
for the next day…tomorrow

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