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Earthly Voice

What victims do grove beneath my feet?
And silence of blood conspires drops of rain?
What did veil faces sprinkled by tears?

Wake up human body!
Dark fell down to the earth
Devouring the sun and the moon,
As eyes as hands,
As mind, as crying

Wake up human body!
Don’t you hear this scream?
It tears hearts and veins
Stream of blood is running
From human cut heads

Wake up human body!
And mind is swooning
Though flames are broiling my flesh
You can’t see the light of fire

Hands cringed in cramp
To void they’ve prayed
Where just a handful of illusions
They’ve decided to crave

Wake up human body!
Don’t you smell this scent
That’s doom of perfume?

Wake up human body!
‘Cause your spirit vanishes!

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