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Der Trug

Stranger came
And it was nothing but he
Looked like the angel
But eyes dimmed with tears

He was sitting by her side so wordless
Then stood up and disappeared with the wind
And only white flower remained at the place
Where he sat before

I saw him once more
But his eyes were dimmed with fear
He came with another stranger
And I should tell – He’s the devil
But he introduced himself in a moment

For love in the heaven
For hate in the hell
Get down on your knees
And crush your dreams
Then give away your innocence

Ich bin die Liebe
Und ich bin der Hass

Ich bin die Lüge
Und ich bin der Trug

I saw million unconquerables
And their faces deformed at the end
And that seeming angel
White flower left behind
And disappeared with the drops of rain

And that unconquerable stranger
Show her his teeth
And with a gentle smile on his face
Left her with the words of early appointment

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