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Arma Christi

This is the face of war
This is the sound of human rising
And we’ve drawn out the Lord
From his grave to use him for fighting
Sun warms so weakly
Through this winter of the ages
On the tongues words as guns
I see the man killing in trance

Naked Christ fell down on the ground
And we cry for reincarnations

Still waiting for the liberty
Shaking in the deadly cramp
Arma Christi in my hands
Now I can feel what’s the victim here
The pain penetrates torn heart
Still waiting for the time of glory

This is not good theme for fairytales
With an explanation in a language of false Christs
Here, in a human being’s dreamland
Where cross is each body’s finish
And love is revolver’s charge
With purity we feed our stomachs
And at the end is lover under will

Secret incarnations
Killing holy nations
Children still play equally
But Jesus looks so deadly

Play with fire
Secret desire
Take holy grail
Loud victims’ wail

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