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After the Night

On the floor sprinkled by drops of sorrow
And loneliness
Someone’s head pain shrinkled rolls
On the sky broken by clouds and thunderbolt
Forgotten heart looks for its maimed picture

On the wall a painful picture of a soul depressed
And beneath the puppet’s innocent
Slender feet sooth in dance
And outside the night boasts about all colours
Ominous drove allures our mind to deapth

Did forget a poor little man a taste of sleepless nights
That he runs against the wreck of the days far away?
(Or if only does blackout announce its presence
To surpass the light in the madness of this dance?)

Pillars of the night were crashed down to the dust
And the day by its brightness dazzled us

Oh, I can’t stand the pressure of this sight
Scorching my eyes!
What a creature does cringe in my inside?
In hands whose blood is running through my hands
When this sight torments me so much

This earth is a shelter for dead
Or does life celebrate its virtues in itself?
Are we dead or alive?
Even are we living monsters with desire to fill
The time left with dance?

Only victims of body and soul desires
Only stones misty by tears of fear …

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