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To Thrum a Glassy Stem

To Thrum a Glassy Stem
on fragmenting taffeta mirrors
Manacled to an earthen house
Over two bending knees an iron chain
Beatle, bone and stone
Pine for a love unknown
though winged soporific dreams
Lay sprawled, waiting expansive

This my promise Blue:
The Thought and its mandrel motion
This my promise Scarlet:
The Blush of a ripened Fruit

Left low in sanguine laughter
in a bed the soft of heather
Stashed in the branches breach
Words to thin cracked leaves
like the folds of an angels wing
or the crack in a devils smile
Poetry for kin and fey
or the unsuspecting seeker

This my Promise Green:
The Lilt in a voice that's laughing
This my Promise Gold:
To Sup with empty Cup

The Pearl that contains all pearls
The piece that evinces the puzzle
on pealing taffeta mirrors
To Thrum a Glassy Stem

originally by In Gowan Ring

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