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Descending Messiah

Down in the valley on a midwinter's night
Walks the crone unseen by human kind
Her weary heart longing for rest
Her eyes saw too much of sorrow and grief

There was a time when she was adored
And the valley was full of bliss and joy
Until the day the gaunt one appeared
He never smiled nor shed any tear

And he raised his voice:
"Behold, I'm Messiah!"
It was then she knew
Her time had come

A dream? A dream?
It's only a dream
A dream? A dream?
She lives in my dreams

The man, he spoke of commandments and sins
Of wicked wives, of chaste and virtuous men
He'd sown the seed of mischief in their hearts
Those once proud: Now a submissive crowd

And he raised his voice: "Behold, I'm Messiah!
I'm the son of god: I come in fire!
My kingdom come, my will be done!"
It was then she knew
Her time had come

A dream? A dream?
It's only a dream
A dream? A dream?
She lives in my dreams

Now the blind are leading the blind
Independence and wisdom exchanged for ignorance and minority
Seizure and oppression amongst the once born free
But still no one dared to raise a hand against the crone
They were aware - despite his sermons - that she still held the strength and the power

And as she makes her way through centuries and decades
She waits for human kind to awake and shake off the chains of Messiah
In patience she walks the world in search for those
Who uphold the memento of the Golden Age
While in his church, in fitful sleep, tormented by nightmares
Lies Messiah in fright of the dark
The demons he raised to strike the blind with fear were not just a mirage
They've become alive to haunt Messiah

To end creation's devastation
The senseless sacrifice
She, the weaver
Weaves the veil of damnation!

And out of the skies Valkyries and Erinyes rising
Avenging angels of doom
Called by the crone
The wandering ones seek for vengeance
Awaiting the last stand
The earth awakes in fire, thunderstorm and lightning
Night calls into being decline
And up in the skies
The crone in the midst of silence
Armageddon has now begun!

And out of his dreams Messiah pleas:
"Goddess, have mercy upon me!"

"Misguided prophet
See my scythe
Descending over you!"

Down in the valley beneath the river of time
Sits the crone remembering human kind
Now winter's gone and springtime has come
And all the ashes are washed away...

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