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Epilogue: Arcanum in Anchorage

Oh Goddess
Sister of Night
Mother of Life
Guardian of Time
to You I raise my voice
for I have walked in darkness
through vales of pain
and I drank from springs of tears

Let my body burst into blossom again
of flourishing beauty
or bury me deep in Mother Earth

Let my eyes be passionate messengers again
of my undying love for her
or close them forever

Let my lips drink from hers again
the enrapturing liqueur of desire
or seal them forever

Let my soul touch hers again
Oh, let her heart yearn for mine once more
or drown me forever in the sea of oblivion

Let her love be inflamed for me again
in deepest passion and lust
or burn me on the pyre of unfulfilled desire

May out of this darkness arise a new dawn
or let these words be my epitaph...

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