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Dark Consolation

Come as you are
Lay your body next to mine
Your heart in my hands
May my love and my silence inspire your soul

Come as your are
While a memory still remains frozen in time
And a word takes its meaning to my realm of oblivion
Oh, come as you are!

Come as you are
In your deathbed bespangled with roses and dandelion
No more strains, no vendettas
All of this has gone now!

Come as your are
Death's not more but a dream that seems so unreal
Still the wind speaks your name when springtime returns
Oh, come as you are!

No more tears to cry as the sea rolls on by
No more lonely nights
Yet an angel stands by your side
Just come to me:
The child and the man
The fool and the sage that you are
Oh, come as you are!

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