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Saturating Cemetary

Life goes on and rain drops fall down
No beginning and no end
Wind pulls dry trees to the soft ground
Time pours on wet leaf’s hands

Summer is near now. I watch the emptiness
Where the brink merging fates of staying and gone
Abundant black soil and the wing of death
Instant with now lens of perception

Whom have you been – you lived once
Tight unopened secret flower
Rain is over and you left us
Your grave is my door of Power

Now you’re sleeping, your scull is before my face

Bone like mirror, like fire and downpour
Sleep. Don’t let anyone disturb your peace
Life and Death – we are the one, the whole.

We are in the circle of the seven lights
Quietness is surrounding us on all sides
Three, nine, thirteen, forty…
Eternal boundless way!

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