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Eternal Breath

Tonight, until the crack of dawn
Tonight, the claws won't tear me apart
I would like to see a part of what is foreseen
A sign of a new day, a rebirth
I belong to the one who will give me the eternal breath

I could sell my soul, could let my heart
For this expected sigh
I can't accept the sad truth
Neither sorrows nor lies
Through this night, there won't be any following one

Look to the stars as I fly
Nothing can hide you in this lost time
Forgiven but not forgotten
I can swear that my death won't be this one
As the last prayers is for me

Is my angel crueller than I am?
Are Gods as pityless as they seem?
I don't feel like dying tonight
Or at the end of this life!

lyrics by Séverine Ollivier

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