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Glittering Bullet

I'm goin' away far from the fine day
the sun burnt out upon the clouds
on the fields, but you will never
clearly hear my voice aloud.
Through the nights, all through bare bright lights
ghouls appeared before my eyes,
messangers bringing religion
of bloody art destroying our own life.
Oh, the bullet hit the mark straight,
dancing as a ballet show
on the edge of darkest hotels,
catching shabby lies through the night.
I've seen my blood shed everywhere
I've seen the fable can't get in
I've seen my existence stuck on the shiny leaves of Vogue.
I've seen my look lit up by able make up men.
I've seen my heart emptied up at last not knowing any taste
of tears, any more.
I've seen the firm and well-kept hand stealing my existence,
my own life.
I've seen the woman I wished to be shooting me without a delay,
till making me feel deep her beauty.
Right in a frame, as if it were a crash,
after realizing my mistake, I closed my eyes.
Yes, in the end I saw myself close my eyes to daylight.

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