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Little Angel

Under the linden, down in the park
There is a small light in the dark
Under a pale moon, down by the lake
There is a way to a secret place

Under a red sky - blood on your wrist
Follow the runes ''sag mir wer du bist''
Heavenly voices down by the sea
Singing ''tomorrow belongs to me''

Little angel dressed in white - the universe in your eyes
Can you hear my voice?
Can you help me through the night? I am scared like a child
I've lost my innocence

Little angel dressed in white with kaleidoscope-eyes
And a virgin-smile
There's a poison in my venes do you love me in vain?
Why don't you touch me now?

Leaning on your shoulder the world is clear and bright
At the end of the night
On your shoulder everything's all right
Leaning on your shoulder

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