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Smiling Shadow

It was your name – alone – standing here with some love
There was some blood – pouring out – nobody knows why they were shot
And then you run – you were so wrong – while there was no one there to hold you back
In this times – where everyone is hating somebody for their own old pains

Another shattered head is here – a wounded child around my eyes – it ‘s sick, it ‘s sick
A crying symbol of wisdom ‘s here – come on and get it – rise high up again
And smile

Yeah, here we are – let ‘s see – can we manage something in this room
Is there something we can use for us – or something that we must destroy
There is a light – we ‘d like to see – but they ‘re trying to turn it dark for me
It ‘s no happy house – in your room – cause everybody is hating each other for their own old pain

Another wedding ring calls – stay together and let ‘s hate the windows
Another child is born – Hello! – take your brother, take your sister – and run forever
Cause they ‘re waiting to shoot them in their backs, innocence just laughable – let ‘s turn mad
Around again and again around – it ‘s the same old story
Take yourself around again

Here – picking up my words – like you picked them up to share them with me
Is it to resist? – I ‘m waiting to – to love all kind of people here
Is this you I mean? – Is this you I see? – I was wrong – believe – I ‘ll never see
You too will see – we are heading to – to rumours of saints
I was dreaming less to understand – a foreign language of doors with hands
See, we ‘re in it now – there ‘s a man out there – you will dream a lot – I stopped believing this
Stare at this mouth,. it ‘s calling my name – you will hear – that it ‘s not a game
There are two in me – there are two in you – our dark sides are ready to burn

There are many children – they believe in them – oh, imagine!
Where ‘s an attitude – hey, they love you but where ‘s your reason to kick them
You ‘re tearing apart their freedom of heart
Where ‘s memory – where ‘s life at all – is this you to torture us all day

Are we made to lay down in silence
Are we made to run against closed doors
Are we made to bang our heads against iron
Are we made to hate us to die

Oh, we may not see this silence
Oh, we may never see those closed doors
Oh, we may never see this silence
But we ever will see – that we must die again

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