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Call me MOUNtain

People got their children always
In a sad paradise
And when people calling
Off my heart
That would be nice

They were always laughing
Into my smiling face
They couldn’t see my silence
It was in my heart
Oh, so nice

So they held up the rain
So distant from insanity
That was holy above him
And his quiet world

There is his brother, say from the mountain, hey
He ‘s an upright farmer, had no display
Not a sinking-down on the floor
Not a banging against the door
So they call him sane

There are some secrets in a mountain
I couldn’t figure you ‘ll understand them
Cause they are so little to the minds
In the morning of dead woods
I love them in the night

Oh, he ‘s so insane
A little bunch of silliness
He had no eyes for the fear of men
Just a haunting near Chinatown

They had once a father who had left them
Who broke down his job while he was crying
Oh, he needed to suffer from this – tell them
All the lovers told our lies
There was no way to say
Not a minute is here to stay

All their secrets of their past
Were lost for every morning

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