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Light Years

So we smile
So we laugh
In this world of too much grief
So we tried
Sure not hard enough
To change something
That isn’t right

Salt in mines
Salt in wounds
I could be to set you free
I will love
To live my dream
The treasure is mine
Just to see

Getting blind

Can we find meaning of life
Open heart, is it a shame?
But it ‘s just me
The speed of light
Allows just me
In going and going
And I can dream
To get out of this dream
Falling hard, but it ‘s alright
And I can walk still, you see

Getting lame

I ‘ll be quiet
Silent me
My closed mouth never speaks
I can sue
I can dare
Not a saint judging me
But I can’t know
What all this means
I ‘m just a knight
To ask what it ‘s for

I can scream.

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