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Oh, you in Heaven

Floods covered 'em
They sank into the deep like stones
In your elevated celabrity
You send your anger
Here to me, oh, you in heaven
I wonna tell you
The earth should listen to my words
My doctrine will fall like rain
My message will fall like dew
Like rain-drops on grass
Like dew-drops on the plants
It's perfect, what he has made
He found him in the desert
In the desert where wild animals scream
He covered him, kept his eyes on him
And guarded him like his eyeball
Like the eagle which guarded its nest
Oh, you in heaven
He nourished him with fruits of the fields
He quenched him with wine of the stone
The blood of the grapes you drank - fermented
Oh, you in heaven
His jealousy by strangers
The stone you are born from
I will cover my face to them
A generation of rebellion
Sons, inhabited by unfaithness
Zum Zorn gereizt durch ihre Goetter aus Luft
Die Bestie ist immer noch unter uns
Their stone had sold them
Wine of Soddom
Deathfields of Gomorrah
Their grapes are poison grapes
And carry bitter berries
Their wine is snake poison
Every hand is tired
The blade of my sword is polished
Oh, you in heaven
My arrows, I will make them drunken by blood
During my sword devouring through your flesh
Drunken by blood of deads and prisoners
I can't clean my wounds, oh, four wounds
Oh, you in heaven, so high

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