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Who's God

Sinking - Drowning - Decomposition for you
You've never learned
Pray - Raise high - You are so proud
On your hell for fools
I don't need to be told
Heaven - Higher - Who's God
Heaven - Higher - Where's paradise
Believe - Doubt - You've never tried
Realize atrocities - Pray - Raise high
Your ignorance, believers do the same
Addition of lies - I won't pay the price
Addition of your grace - Someone somewhere displaced
Decomposition for you - Your hell for fools
You could call this blasphemy
I would call it religion - You could say you love
I would call you a liar - Love, what is it worth
I would call your love death
We think it's time to make you realize
The deepest scum of the priests soul
Lunatic asylum - Manic depressions

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