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Unconscious lovesong

I was surprised
when you fell downstairs
I was happy
when you cried
I broke apart
when you tock me in your arms
Hiding a smile
when you entered the bedroom
When you close the door
Getting pregnant for dinner
Fire underneath your skin
Belly bottom pleasures
And your methadone eyes are sinking in
Is this worth talking about
I left you
when we fell in love
I loved you
when you fell down
Feverdreams may guard my sleep
Secrets hidden underneath our beds
and the idiot tumbles down the mainstreet
This is where the creatures meet
I was surprised when you got born
I saw the sun
come back into me
The last light dies
As your morning brakes
Just as we
hated each other
again and again
And I loose myself into unconscious lovesongs...

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