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Two Witches

I. Sister, come and help me to get off this iron ring
Sister, tell him I`m awaiting his last sting
You and me, my God, we know that I have done no fail,
let us ride home.

II. Crying out loud what no one dares to whisper
your smile is only for me.
Forget about the sin they told you,
fire can´t burn love away.
Keep yourself strong to be strong enough,
make your feelings come true.
Your crystal eyes let darkness be bright,
let rise my desire inside.

Keep yourself strong to be strong enough,
keep your feelings awake.
Forget about the sin they told you,
fire can´t burn love away.

III. Where are you now, are you still by my side ?
No tears no more, I miss your smooth and tender words.
Why do you hide yourself in my illusion ?
Please, come and show my sister´s own reality.

Crying out loud - and whispering your name.
I hear your voice inside - I feel your cry.

Last night I danced one shameless dance with you,
I felt so free and lonely as one could be.
Come take me now, I´m ready for my dreams with you,
Nobody knows the secret: I love you.

Three days later they knocked at my door,
they told me you had gone - two years before.

IV. And she heard him whisper : ''Come and dance with me,
don´t care about the voices, show them how to be free.''
And she danced for freedom, and she danced with fear,
and she feared the dance of the flames - in her hair.

And the Holy Ignoramus showed her a place to dance,
whispering his name she begged for one more chance.
And she heard voices which called her by her name:
''Come with us, little sister, our fate - is just the same.''

V. And the golden ring, she hoped for, was an iron one.
Sister come and help to get off this iron ring.
Sister come and help me now!

Gloria in excelsis Deo et in terra pax hominibus bonae voluntatis.
Spiritus sanctus superveniat in vos et virtus Altissimi custodiat
vos a peccatis.

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