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We don't grow, when we grow older
But we get weaker, everyday
This ain't no miracle - I told her
Cos everybody's got the price to pay
As we go back, as we go forwards
As we conjure the dead by their names
We leave this common ground with firm hearts
All man´s created, raped by the flames

Hot winds dried my eyes
Wind wheels whirling in the skies
White sands driven down the strands
Black ashes, dust from foreign lands
And when we're walking along the line
You let me hold your hand and you hold mine
What the tides have left will never arise
With the look of a fool, with tears in my eyes

Graceland - this is the place
Where our journey ends
Graceland - for time(on earth)
Is rushing through my hands
Graceland - all hopes
Are buried in the sands
Graceland - this is the place
That heaven sends

While I cross this wilderness
Backwards like a cancer
Where are the waters gone
That once spent life
A cerebral darkness
It fills me
Like a cotton swab
Deaf and blind

Down from the barricades
He said: Marilyn hates me
She is living the American dream
The king and the queen
And all that has been there
Between them, no, no
Flowers for the president
A gift you can’t refuse
There is no use for it
Not for me
My love so near and yet so far
But still the stars won’t let me go

From the chaos to the light
Like a glitter in the night
We look back to perceive
The ashes of forgotten sons
Friends my come and friends may go
Just to say that times have changed, oh
I will always be true to you
I’m such an ordinary man
To be injured, to be healed
To be loved an to love
Every secret is revealed
But I’m not wiser than before
Oh, I loved to hold you tight
Each emotion I would fight for
And I’d care for you
You said, you’d do the same for me

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