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All That You Need

One day you’re gonna sacrifice
The ideals you’ve been fighting for
And you will struggle and search for a place to survive
And somebody you could adore
I went over a thousand miles
Through a world that was falling apart
And I found out, that there is no real home
But the one you find inside your heart

All you need is
All you want
Is more than you could ever get

One day you’re gonna realise
There’s no truth in this luxury world
And you will long even more
For a friend you can’t buy
For a love you have never been worth
You used to pay for emotions all times
With the money you took from the poor
And you won’t give a damn
For the rest of the world
When your brightness is growing obscure

But when you need me
I’ll be there
(to raise my shield against all harm)
And when you fall asleep
I will care
And may the world break off her course
And tumble headless through the space
If you believe in me
I will follow anywhere you go

Anywhere – anywhere
Anywhere you go
Anywhere you need me

And the lights of the night
Shine on you
This city never sleeps

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