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Cinema Strange
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A Cinema Strange 10th Anniversary Novelty Product
Agent X-Ray
Golden Hand
Sadist Sagittarius
The Nocturnal/Nightfalls
A Cinema Strange 10th Anniversary Novelty Product2004
Cinema Strange
Aboriginal Anemia
En Hiver
Greensward Grey
Hebenon Vial
Laughing Bloody Murder
Lindsay's Trachea
Mediterranean Widow
Sadist Sagittarius
Cinema Strange2000
The Astonished Eyes of Evening
''Speak, Marauder!''
'Ere the Flowers Unfold
Catacomb Kittens
Dead Eyes Open, or, How the Woman in the Attic Fled, Never to Return
Legs and Tarpaulin
Mathilde in the Dirt
The Red and Silver Fantastique and the Libretto of the Insipid Minstrel
Tomb Lilies
The Astonished Eyes of Evening2002