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dead or alive
corpses symphony
dead or alive?
delirio asesino
false freedom
dead or alive2005
from abuse to apostasy
aberraciòn en tu voz
easy way to hell
freak knowledge
impulso biomecanico
incitatiòn pagana
placeres negros
seal you in red
shattered mind
touch that (kill your toughts)
from abuse to apostasy2006
impulso biomecanico
impulso biomecanico (english version)
impulso biomecanico (spanish)
sad warrior soul
impulso biomecanico2005
melodies for the devil
beyond the darkness (raving mix)
dios vuelta miseria
evil song (paradise mix)
fucking flesh (raw mix)
killing mission
melodies for the devil
merciless vain reign
profano tu cruz
seeing you pray
melodies for the devil2003