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Opposition, The
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A Day In The Future
Abusing Words
Aching Arms
Are You Sure
Big Room Small View
Black And White
Blue To Grey
Breaking The Silence
Broadway Maladie
Burning Bush
Burning The Iceberg
Calling Home
Capitol Hill
Close It Up
Crawl To Me
Crawl To Me Part 2
Digging For Water
Do You Know How That Feels?
Don't Forget To Leave The Light On In The Hall
Drowning By Numbers
Empire Days
Factory Gate
Falen Into Line
First Suspect
Five Minutes
Fool For You
George's Street Part 1
George's Street Part 2
Her First Migraine
Hold Me Tonight
Horseshoe in the Glove
I Already Know
I Dream In Colour
If That Wasn´t Love
In My Eyes
In The Heart
Love Love Love
Moving Target
Mr. Cleanam
New Homes
Paddy Fields
Searching (for a home)
Small Talk
Someone To Talk To
Susan Gets By On Love
The Man Who Almost Shaves
The Voice Has Changed
This Is Not What We Came Here For
This Is Real
Tips On Crime
Trains At Midnight
Tupelo Honey
Very Little Glory
War Cries
War Games
War Zone
What Became Of Me
Who´s Been Telling You Lies
Would You Die For Me
Opposition, The