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Anthem For A Stranger
Black Snake Sister - Luxuria / Lust
Cold Rain
Cruel Game
Damaged Promises
Dark Angel
Dead Love (A Necrology)
Diabolic Angel
Dorian - Invidia / Envy
False Gods - Fides / Faith
Fatal Kiss
Fire In Paradise - Caritas + Love
Healing Hearts
Heart Of Stone - Superbia / Pride
Illusionary Fields
Last Exit - Ira / Wrath
My Treasure - Avaritia / Greed
One Second
Queen Of The Freakshow
Raise The Down - Temperantia / Temperance
Sajidas' Song
Season of Love
She Knows Why - Iustitia + Justice
Tears of the Night
The Death Of Souls - Acedia / Sloth
The Fool And The King
The Last Dance
Till The End - Spes / Hope
Too Much - Gula / Excess
Unperfectly Perfect - Prudentia / Prudence
Violent Voices
Wild Heart - Fortitudo / Fortitude