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Who Do You Hurt Now

Don’t you ever go outside afraid of what is waiting
He said: “the world is so cruel sweet baby
and I’m the one you can call for help”
But you know that’s not the answer
‘Cause you’re lost and so afraid
Right now you feel the anger coming,
And who will you blame?

Who do you hurt now?
You are always bleeding

Don’t you ever wonder why
the streets look dark and dangerous
And your room is getting smaller everyday baby,
Inch by inch its your daily torture
You don’t seem to be able to live by yourself

From pervert eyes amazing sights
Wipe your tears and light a smile
You are ready
To come outside and breathe some life
Feel some flesh some skin knife
You are ready
And stop hiding, now you know how to deal with this
And stopped crying, these are the last tears you wept
And now the run on another face

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